01.02.07 11 years ago

Tiki Barber will make close to $10 million more than I will over the next four years, as he's going to sign a deal with ABC/ESPN that will give the Giants running back $2.5M a year to work on "Good Morning America," "20/20," and almost certainly not "Cold Pizza." That show is for shiteating hacks.

Either way, it looks to be a lot more pleasant of a career than going to work with Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey every day while making every fantasy football owner in America despise him by breaking out of his touchdown slump with 234 yards and three touchdowns in Week 17 . Well, it'll be better unless this happens: 

Barber’s role is undefined, although he could be a candidate if Tony Kornheiser were to decide to leave the “Monday Night Football” booth.

I'd rather be on the irritating Giants suckwagon than spend four hours a week in a booth with Joe Theismann. That guy could make Bobcat Goldthwaite and Joan Rivers sound like Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker.

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