02.15.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

Lots of folks seem to be having a grand time with Tim Hardaway's straightforward and unashamed homophobia. We are the Postmen, for instance, shares a funny anecdote about scorned valets sending Hardaway to a gay club in Orlando.

But the bigger tip of the cap goes to Sports by Brooks, which dug up an Outsports column from 2001 that ranked Hardaway as #7 on its list of NBA players most likely to be gay:

Not too different from the bruthas one might run into at any black gay club on a Saturday night. Opposite of Dale Davis ["too tough to be real"]. Not really trying to be tough. Just himself.

Oh man. This isn't going to be like American Beauty, is it? Where the homophobic guy is actually gay, and the straight guy played by the gay guy who the closeted guy thinks is gay gets killed because he wasn't gay and then a bag flew around in the air? Because this could get too confusing for me real quick.

Unless, you know, we get to see Thora Birch's globe collection. Then I'll pay attention.

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