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This Saturday in Vegas, UFC fighter Tim Sylvia will take on Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera at UFC 81 – bound to be the most important numerical event this weekend – for the right to regain the heavyweight title he lost last March.

If he wins, he says, he'll have a smile on his face for the whole human race. He also said he'll never remove the title belt, even for sex. 

“I’ve had sex before with the belt on. That was back in the Ricco Rodriguez days. The night I won the belt I had a sexual experience with the belt on. But hey, I was 25 years old and it was the biggest thing that ever had happened to me in my life. The girl was like hey, are you going to take that thing off. And I said no, I’m not…I’m wearing it and if you have a problem with it, then I’m leaving. And I hate to say it, but if I do win the belt again, then this time it’s never coming off. I’m going to wear it a lot more.”

Kind of a boon to any future wife and kids. What's the accomplished fighter gonna hit them with now? -Christmas Ape

Admission: I can't even wear my regular belt because I'm allergic to the nickel in the buckle. It gives me a horrible rash. I'm also allergic to wearing the pants it holds up. It's the real reason I never became a champion MMA fighter.

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