Timberwolves Faithful Make Last Gasp Effort For LeBron Services

By: 07.08.10

Even though the Minnesota Timberwolves were nowhere close to even getting the words ‘Minnesota’ to flit through his mind as he considered what team he’d play for doesn’t mean fans can make pathetically hilarious youtube pitches where they brag about their sex boats and the fact that Minnesota is the Paris of Minnesota. Plus you can potentially look as cool as JaMarcus Russell because the Minnesota winters necessitate wearing full-length mink overcoats unless you want to develop frostbite! Minnesota FORCES you to look fabulous! They also have hundreds of useless lakes they can name after you. I bet if you really wanted to they’d let you blow up the Metrodome for kicks and giggles. And you might run into Prince!

Get outta the way LeBron, you're blocking the talent.

H/T Oops Pow Surprise

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