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ESPN, which famously botched coverage of the 2006 World Cup by hiring announcers who had never called soccer games before, will make amends to the soccer faithful by providing coverage of the Euro Championships this summer.  And it will all be set to the dulcet tones of Coldplay's new album.

Coldplay and ESPN are teaming up on a soccer marketing campaign. The rock [sic] band's music will be featured in promotions for ESPN's coverage next month of the European Championship soccer tournament, the sports network announced Wednesday.

ESPN agreed to incorporate music from Coldplay's new release, "Viva La Vida," into game and studio production. The quadrennial tournament is scheduled for June 7-29 in Austria and Switzerland.

Oh yes, this should win over all those anti-soccer Americans who think futbol is for pussified pretty boys.  Coldplay's gonna change all that.  Nice job, ESPN.  Hey, if it's not too late, maybe Gwyneth Paltrow can endorse the tournament while speaking in an adopted British accent.  Bang-up work from the marketing department.

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