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It’s bad enough for Raiders coach Tom Cable that he’s stuck coaching the Raiders, but earlier this morning ESPN had interviews with a girlfriend and a former wife of his. Turns out that Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson wasn’t the only thing Cable liked to beat on; apparently he was taking some of his work home, as both his ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife accused him of abuse.

In 1989, Sandy Cable sought a temporary order of protection, which said, in part, “On two occasions, one back in ’86 and the other in ’88, he hit me. The second time in the face, however on attempts to call law enforcement, my husband would rip the phone out of the wall.”

A third woman, Cable’s second wife Glenda, said in documents related to the couple’s 2008 divorce that “in the past he has been physically and verbally abusive to me.” –the monolith.

Cable says he only slapped his ex-wife after suspicions of infidelity, which apparently would make that totally okay. Beating your spouse is never okay, unless your spouse is a prostitute. And if your spouse is a prostitute, domestic violence really is the least of your problems. Unless you’re the head coach of the Raiders.

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