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Major League Soccer began its season this past weekend, and while it didn't get so much as acknowledging head nod from With Leather, plenty of Toronto FC fans made the trek from Canadia down to Columbus for the opener against the Crew.  And they were pleasant guests.

They encouraged the Crew cheerleaders [pictured] to "take off their tops", and they let out a collective groan when FC striker Colin Samuel missed a penalty kick. And they kept on drinking. […] One red-faced Toronto fan challenged a red-faced Columbus fan to a fight. Fingers were pointed, insults hurled, a punch thrown, a lip bloodied. A few FC supporters had to be escorted to the stadium gates in handcuffs by the Columbus police, ejected for their loutish behaviour.

They also made friends with the local police

"They're pissing all over the damn place, and as you can see, they've littered it up considerably," Columbus police lieutenant Kevin Conley said. "And then they decided that they were going to surround one of our cars like they were the Indians and the car was Custer."

Conley said Toronto fans had been urinating on a chain link fence that bordered the field, even though it looked onto a church across the street. The churchgoers called police, and one man was arrested.

Hmmm…  So Canadians are drunk hooligans who piss off church-going Ohioans?  Well played, sirs.  Sitting here in my apartment, I'm all talk and no game.  When you actually get off your ass to get lit and start fights and pee on Ohio churches, well, those are the kind of proactive assholes I wanna party with.


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