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Thanks to the first thousand of you who have filled out a bracket for With Leather's Pool of Hard Knocks NCAA Tournament Super Contest.  I have now added a third group (WL's Pool of Hard Knocks 3), and you can sign up for it HERE — completely free, of course — using the following information:

  • Group ID #: 146035
  • Password: yapcunt

In addition, I'm pleased to announce that With Leather's Pool of Hard Knocks NCAA Tournament Super Contest now has prizes! Yes I said prizes!  What was that again?  PRIZES!!!  Whoever wins the whole kit 'n caboodle will be the proud recipient of a $200 iTunes gift card, and the top five runners-up will receive a subscription to their choice of either Penthouse or Playboy (print OR digital subscription — that's just how we roll).  Also, should a woman finish as one of the five runners-up and not like her subscription, I'll get her five minutes with any WL commenter in order to help her become a lesbian for the next year.*

I'll also be revealing a super-secret BONUS PRIZE on Thursday after the tournament starts, so sign up now.  Is it a glossy 8×10 of the Internet's hunkiest sports blogger?  Only if you're lucky!

*I wouldn't do that to ya, ladies. But you WILL have to become a lesbian. 

UPDATE: WL's Pool of Hard Knocks 4 is now open. Group # 155632; password: booty

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