Tuesday Morning Links: Thanks, Tim Tebow!

12.06.11 6 years ago


With Leather On NFL.Com – Sure, there are links all OVER the page, but we’re right there in the middle. Never thought I’d get quoted for talking about John Cena in a Tim Tebow paragraph on NFL.com, but here we are. The coolest. [NFL.com]

The 10 Must-See Christmas Specials This Month – Is nowhere playing ‘A Garfield Christmas’ this month? Because I don’t want to live in a world where I “must see” ‘Prep and Landing 2: Naughty vs. Nice’. [Warming Glow]

The South Park RPG Sounds Hella Cool – I thought Lufia & The Fortress Of Doom was already a South Park RPG. Oh well, I’ll buy the hell out of this, because you can’t play that crappy Twisted Metal South Park game for your entire life. [Gamma Squad]

5 Depressing Facts About Birdman And Mack Maine’s Billionaire Minds Mixtape – Depressing fact #6: this is neither basketball Birdman nor Hanna-Barbera Birdman. [Smoking Section]

Fox News: The Muppets Is A Liberal Plot! – Man, I’m glad The Goonies wasn’t released when Fox News was around. “Those kids should just accept that their parents are leaving the Goondocks and obey them! Nyeah!” [Film Drunk]

50 Cats Straight Chillin’ With Piles Of Cash – I don’t know, but it involves cats. [UPROXX]

The Best Of Fat #Jonah Hill – This should just be the Walk Hard scene where he talks about how hard it is to masturbate with a ghost hand in its entirety and the Orson Welles reference from Superbad and then nothing else. [UPROXX]

46 Cultural Moments That Defined 2011 – Buzzfeed hates December and doesn’t want it included in any of these lists. [Buzzfeed]

Famous Album Cover Locations As Seen In Google Street View – Pretty awesome. Anybody know where they took the pic for the cover of ‘Cracked Rear View’? [FARK]

Angelina Jolie Graces the Cover of Newsweek, Gives America Lethal Dose of the Heebie-Jeebies – The hell is going on with this? I’m gonna go look at my DVD of Hackers for a while. [Pajiba]

Pretty Damn Cool Animated Comic Book Covers – All they need is an antiquated Stan Lee voice-over about “shpidah man!” I want 10,000 more of these. [Unreality]

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