Surfer Anastasia Ashley Is The First To Spoof Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Pose

10.19.13 4 years ago 41 Comments

Anastasia Ashley kardashian

Not long after Kanye West awkwardly scuttled home in his too-tight leather pants, surfer Anastasia Ashley, last seen twerking before surfing, was in her house, mocking Kim Kardashian’s attempt at a vaguely iconic “Angelia Jolie’s leg at the Oscars” pose. But for the Instagram crowd. And in a white bikini. For Kanye West.

Is it a spoof? Is it an homage? Is it 40-years-too-late viral marketing for that episode of The Brady Bunch where Greg wipes out while surfing? That’s up for you to decide.

Anastasia Ashley full

(Via Twitter)

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