UFC 168 Results: Did Anderson Silva Take Back His Title From Chris Weidman?

UFC 168 results

The questions heading into the main events of UFC 168 were basically something along the lines of “Will Anderson Silva take this rematch more seriously?” and “Is there anything Miesha Tate can really do to stop Ronda Rousey?” The answers, however, were a little more complicated, because once we were done watching three main card fights underwhelm us with quick finishes, we were treated to two incredible co-main event fights, and they weren’t just about two fighters.

Instead, Tate and Chris Weidman reminded us that they are where they are because they’re both really great at what they do. But were the results in their favors? Could Tate be the first woman to stop Rousey? Could Weidman do the unthinkable and defeat THE Anderson Silva two times in a row?

Check the UFC 168 results for yourselves…

Online Prelims

Robbie Peralta def. Estevan Payan (KO, Round 3)

William Macario def. Bobby Voelker (Unanimous Decision; lack of blood)

Fox Sports 1 Preliminaries

John Howard def. Siyar Badurzada (Unanimous Decision)

This fight also strangely included an on-air fart.


If fart noises are going to be a part of UFC broadcasts, let’s save them for the judges when Jon Jones fights Alexander Gustafsson again.

Dennis Siver def. Manvel Gamburyan (Unanimous Decision)
Michael Johnson def. Gleison Tibau (KO, Round 2)
Uriah Hall def. Chris Leben (TKO, Round 1, “Doctor Stoppage”)

Hall dedicated his victory to Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker, because… he just did.

Main Card

Dustin Poirier def. Diego Brandao (TKO, Round 1)
Jim Miller def. Fabrício Camões (Submission, Round 1)
Travis Browne def. Josh Barnett (KO, Round 1)


Co-Main Event

Ronda Rousey def. Miesha Tate (Submission, Round 3)

Truly an unbelievable fight. If Tate had anything that resembled a good gameplan going into this fight, she might have been able to at least steal a round.

Main Event

Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva (TKO, Round 2)

With that broken leg, we may have seen the end of Anderson Silva’s career. That was definitely a terrible ending to such a huge fight. More thoughts and probably some sadness for my favorite fighter on Monday.

And if you want to watch the broken leg happen in slow motion, I have it on the next page. I’m not happy about it, but I know people will want to see it.

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