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I understand some of you youngsters out there are all about the mixed martial arts, so it's worth mentioning that UFC 75 is this Saturday in London.  On the undercard: Cro Cop returns from Gonzaga's foot to the head to fight Cheick Kongo, and Matt Hamill and Michael Bisping go head-to-head in a battle of undefeateds.  The headline fight is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson against Dan Henderson, which will finally answer the question, "Who's tougher: people who wear a big chain, or people with cauliflower ear?"

And before you answer that question, take this Rampage interview into account:

You've spoken publicly about finding religion. Is there any conflict between being a Christian and beating people up for a living?
If you know anything about the Bible, anything about Christianity, being a Christian is all about fighting. We got to fight every day. There's nothing wrong with killing. There's something wrong with murder – they're two different things. If you murder somebody out of hate or whatever, that's wrong, but it's OK if you're fighting for your country, or your family, or for your life… or even for your food – in a structured way, where you're not trying to kill them.

Actually, trying to pick out just one quote was tough.  I passed up his fondness for Asian women, how he "chillaxes" with his "homeboy" Mickey Mouse (then later denies that he knows Mickey), and his aggressive interruption of the interviewer.  It's almost fun as watching him sexually harass women

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