07.19.07 10 years ago 74 Comments

By popular demand, here's Florida football coach Urban Meyer's daughter Nikki.  She's the restrained brunette lass you see above and thumbnailed below.  I don't know how old she is, but I do know that this probably won't end well for me.

Oh, and if the Washington Post is looking for a front-page story, they should talk to Rivals.com and The Big Lead, the latter of which dodges the issue of her attractiveness by describing her gawkers as "losery geeks."  Yep, "losery."  Listen, you can disapprove of people's actions, but that kind of name-calling cuts a little too deep.  I've seen some bad language on the Internet, but that's just uncalled for.

(If you'd like to have some guilt-free Gator-ogling, feel free to re-visit the Wonder of the World that is Tim Tebow's girlfriend.)

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