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Melanie Oudin, the American teenager that entered the US Open as a wild card [ /shapes hands like guns, does a little dance] was booted from her Times Square hotel yesterday. Oudin’s run to the quarterfinals has surprised everyone, including whoever handled her travel arrangements; she was only booked in the hotel for a week.

Her agent, BEST Tennis President John Tobias, through the company’s travel agent, Sport Travel, quickly got her into the Intercontinental. Tobias: “Obviously, we will not be sending any of our players back to that hotel.” The Marriott could not confirm Oudin was staying there, spokesperson Kathleen Duffy said. She said it was possible Oudin was staying there registered under a different name. via.

A different name? Well, she does look a lot like Anna Faris of the Scary Movie franchise, a string of films so terrible that no jury could convict anyone for denying them accommodations. It could have been worse. Melanie’s lucky that she doesn’t look like Jude Law, because…well, for a lot of reasons, really.

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