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Police searching a property belonging to Falcons quarterback Michael Vick found signs of criminal animal neglect, which may be the least surprising thing I'll write all day.

While investigators were at the property, they discovered three buildings behind the home that housed several barking dogs.  "When they had a chance to go to the site, they discovered animal neglect," Surry County Administrator Tyrone Franklin.  Franklin said that the dogs appeared to be hungry and forgotten.

To be fair to Vick — ugh, I hate being fair — he is reportedly rarely at the property, and his nephew is the primary occupant there.  However, he might not be quite off the hook just yet.

Early reports indicate that Vick was allegedly running a dog-fighting and cockfighting operation from the back of the home. The Virginia Animal Fighting Taskforce was on the scene. Authorities report that Vick had been under investigation for several years for illegal animal fighting.

Now that there is some hard-hitting speculation.  However, if I know anything about Michael Vick, then this is all definitely true, he's responsible for it all, and he won't be convicted of any charges.  That's the American way.

Thanks to faithful reader Kong, whose hobbies include bicep curls and finding IEDs in Iraq. 

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