08.04.09 8 years ago

When I called Michael Vick the black Brett Favre last week, I was speaking (perhaps crudely) to the nature of his future–short on clues but long on speculation as to where his professional football career might resume (I’m still pulling for the UFL and then the CFL in 2010). But anyway, the monolith brought us footage of Vick throwing with Landstown High School in Virginia Beach; where his old high school coach currently works. But with the lack of NFL interest, it won’t be a question of “Will he or won’t he?” But rather, “Will they?

Other NFL news: Plaxico Burress was finally indicted by the grand jury and he’s almost certainly doing jail time now. And while you could argue that the system was out to get him, I’d say that it wasn’t Bloomberg that reached into his sweats and shot Burress in the leg. No, that wasn’t a euphemism…Chargers DB Antonio Cromartie was fined for tweeting about how bad the food was, comparing it to the team’s performance in the postseason, as confirmed by his agent.

Agent Gary Wichard said Tuesday that he had seen a paraphrased version of the offending tweet, and added that he is a staunch anti-tweeter.

Staunch, I say! But honestly, there’s nothing worse than no food at camp. Except for maybe no girls. And no booze. Wow, no wonder everyone hates training camp. I think I’d last about ten minutes in the NFL.

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