Video Gamer Applied For Coaching Gig

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02.24.11 3 Comments

I don’t typically like to write about soccer things that happened 5 years ago, but I’m feeling rather nostalgic today. After all, 2006 was my 7th year in college and the last year that it wasn’t creepy for me to attend sorority formals (looking forward to Diamond Ball 2011!). It was also the year that John Boileau applied for the head coaching gig with Middlesbrough F.C., an English soccer team. Wait, my bad, I got my soccer terms wrong again. I mean he diggle-wagged to be the blokemaster of the football club in the Queen’s womp womp.

One of the WAG-loving fellas over at The Next Web recently uncovered Boileau’s cover letter and resume that he sent to Steve Gibson, the chairman and managing guvna of Middlesbrough F.C. Boileau cited his excellence at video game football, as well as his brief stint as the coach of a team of 11-year olds as his qualifications to take over the ol’ ball club. Gibson even took the time to respond and gave him a pretty nice “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Check out the letters and resume after the jump…

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