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Swaggering, womanizing With Leather reader Duke sent me this email:

In 2001, my cousin and I (16 and 15 at the time) wrote a song about Reggie Roby.  We wrote it mainly because he was an awesome punter that could kick his leg high enough to lick his own nuts.  The subject of the song was that Reggie had passed on, so he had a new job: the punter for Heaven's football team…and a pool cleaner in heaven.  Why?  I don't know.

Me neither. But I'm glad they did; I kind of love this song. 

For the record, in February 2005, Roby actually did die of unknown causes, though it's assumed it was a heart attack. Apparently God needed the pool cleaned.

Kind of a dick move, God — he was only 43.

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