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Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis tore ligaments in his left knee during Saturday’s game against Michigan when Irish defensive end Jon Ryan was shoved out of bounds on a punt return.  Weis will forego surgery for now; in the meantime he will use a cane and continue fielding calls from his former players.

“Tommy [Brady] gave me some advice from firsthand experience,” Weis said. “He told me, for about a week, you’ll be struggling. After that, it gets better.”

Ummm… Brady’s knee injury was just a week ago, yes?  Maybe he’s not quite the expert here.  And I don’t quite see the comparison between Brady’s knee and Weis’s.  Weis’s knees are under a helluva lot of duress every day.  They’re the Atlas of hinge joints.  Probably looking for any excuse for a break from holding up that planet of an ass.

[The Sporting Blog]

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