Watch These Skydivers Take Their Game To A New Level By Landing On A Slip ‘N Slide

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Last week, I started coming up with a cool plan to build a miniature water park in my backyard for my niece’s birthday, and I was wondering how young is too young for a Slip ‘N Slide or, even better, a Crocodile Mile. But now it all sounds so boring because skydivers Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson had to go and combine the coolness of a Slip ‘N Slide with the awesomeness of skydiving, and my niece is probably going to think I’m a dork. Whatever, enjoy the whole jumping out of a plane at 5,000-feet and landing on a strip of wet plastic routine, but this couple better not somehow include miniature golf in their next jumps, because then I’ll just be screwed.

(Via Sun News)

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