Wayne Rooney Has Something He Wants You to See

10.12.06 11 years ago

Striker Wayne Rooney made a "gesture" — I'm gonna go ahead and assume it was obscene — during an altercation with a fan after England's loss to Croatia in a European Championship qualifier. Rooney's agent Ian Monk said:

Any gesture Wayne may have made was directed to one, and only one, particular England fan, whose behavior towards him appalled the other England players who saw it and horrified the rest of the England fans.

That's what I like about England. None of this "I made an error in judgment" bullshit. Nope, send your agent out there and be all, "Oh, he meant it all right, but it was just for that one asshole. That guy can fuck himself. Wayne regrets that you had to be in the stands with such a cocksucker." Only I guess he'd probably say wanker and not cocksucker. Whatever. Our foul language kicks England's foul language's ass.

(Why am I showing a picture of Rooney's fiancee Coleen McLoughlin? Because I fucking can, that's why.)

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