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I like football. I like movies. Football movies I also like, even if I get tired that nobody ever gets tackled in a normal fashion — plyers only ever get hit such that they do a flip and land on their head, or they do a complete 360 after getting hit by two players, or they get their chest gets crushed and rib bones puncture through their jersey.

We Are Marshall opens nationwide on December 22nd, and as if the relentless commercials weren't enough, Matthews Fox and McConaughey and director McG were scheduled to appear in an ESPN.com chat today. There were important issues that needed resolving, such as

Adam (Clayton OK): Buzz is Fox better looking in real life?


John (Las Vegas NV): Buzz, McConaughey is supposed to have really short arms. Let us know will ya!

Predictably, Fox and McConaughey both cancelled, so the chat was just McG. Sadly, no one asked him about Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. "McG, what was it like watching Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore morph from almost-attractive women to gorgeous movie stars every day? Did your penis get confused by the transformation?"

Whatever, I'll probably still go see the movie. But only to laugh at the really inappropriate parts, like when the plane crashes or when the students gather outside for a team-saving rally and everybody in the theater start crying. Well… maybe not the plane crash.

(Pictured is dewy-eyed Kate Mara. I hope it's okay I went with her instead of Wooderson.) 

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