We Present To You The Best Own-Goal In the History of Man

07.07.10 7 years ago

If you’re like me, you’re going to need to open up a five minute block in your work schedule to watch this clip over and over again because it is glorious. In an Irish league match between two United’s (could they seriously not stop drinking long enough to figure out a good nickname besides ‘United’ for their beloved soccer squads? How about the Waterford UberGoblins and the Mervue Milkmen?) a man accidently used his face to cause a moment of great hilarity that will be remembered for generations. Okay, maybe just my generations because I’m definitely showing this over and over to my grandchildren until they despise me but you catch my drift.

The clip is from a June 25 Irish league match between Waterford United and Mervue United. According to the match report on Waterford’s official website, the goal came in the 53rd minute and was credited to Mervue’s Mike Elwood — the unfortunate chap who got smashed in the face. Two more goals were scored after that to give Waterford a 3-0 win, but niether could have been nearly as spectacular. -Dirty Tackle

If this happened in every match, soccer would most definitely be regarded as the most popular sport in the world, mark my words. Oh, it already is?!?!



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