Weekend Picks: Gem State Heroes

11.12.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

At the end of each week, we pick the winners to the weekend’s most voluptuous matchups. We call it weekend picks. Home teams are in ALL CAPS.

Saturday TONIGHT. Idaho +34.5 at Boise State. It’s always harder to blow a team out at home. At least that’s what teams probably tell themselves whenever they get blown out on the road.

Tomorrow. Utah -5.5 over NOTRE DAME. The Irish are at home, playing a non-BCS team, and they’re underdogs. Come on, Notre Dame. Just join the MAC and get it over with.

South Carolina +6.5 over FLORIDA. Steve Spurrier returns to The Swamp. Florida’s having a down year at 6-3, and Spurrier finally is returning to Gainesville with a quarterback.

Manny Pacquiao over Antonio Margarito. I would take Pacquiao over Abe Lincoln and Godzilla at this point. I don’t know why I threw Abe Lincoln in there. Read an interview with Pacquiao’s biographer, Gary Andrew Poole, on HHR.

Sunday. Titans -2 at DOLPHINS. Tennessee takes their talents to South Beach with a bye week’s worth of rest and Randy Moss in tow. It’ll be enough to get past Chad Pennington, who for some reason is actually starting in this game. Did you know that Chad Pennington leads the league in career completion percentage? Mind. Blown.

Cowboys +13.5 over GIANTS. Yes, New York is at home. Yes, this will be Jason Garrett’s first game as the Cowboys head coach, and yes, they are 1-7 right now. But almost two touchdowns? That’s a lot to cover against a talented team beginning the rest of its season.

Patriots +5 over STEELERS. Bill Belichick doesn’t lose back-to-back games; his teams have only done so twice since 2003. Plus, Roethlisberger and the Steelers should find their groove after three straight road games.

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