05.09.08 9 years ago 17 Comments

What to watch for in this weekend's match-ups.  One team or another in ALL CAPS.

PENGUINS over Flyers — Because Pittsburgh has never, to my knowledge, ever been given any credit on this site whatsoever.  Here ya go.

Mother's Day over FLAG DAY — Mom, I didn't mail your gift until today.  But at least I sent it Priority.  Hope you don't mind celebrating your day on Monday.

Willie Bloomquist over RICHIE SEXSON — Big Sexy gets a six-game suspension for his helmet-throwing mound charge.  Now the M's have the opportunity to downgrade from a .209 hitter with power to a .172 hitter without power.  Yippee.

ANYTHING over Jury Duty — Guess what I'm doing next Wednesday?  Guhhhhhhh. 

LAKERS over Jazz — Utah will probably win one game at home, but I think this one will be over in five games.  As always, please note that I'm usually wrong. 

Welp, hope you've enjoyed the first week of increased posting with the help of new hire Mike Tunison.  We'll be back on Monday, possibly with some kind of signature sytem where you can actually tell who writes which post.

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