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Whoa, the Major League Baseball season started.  Kinda.  I mean, I kept hearing about the Red Sox and A's going over to Japan, but I figured it was for some kind of exhibition, or that the Opening Day game was next week or something.  I just heard a bunch of chatter from Red Sox fans and instinctively tuned them out.  It's a defense mechanism.

Anyway, my ignorance and lack of awareness has never stopped me from reporting on a story before, and it won't stop me now.  As of this sentence Boston leads 6-4 in the tenth thanks to a 9th inning solo shot by Boston's Brandon Moss to send the game into extra innings; Manny Ramirez then gave the Sox the lead in the 10th with a two-out double.  Red Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka went five innings, allowing 2 hits and 2 runs, while walking 5 and striking out 6.

And for any readers who are new to the site since last baseball season, pictured here is gravure idol Yoko Matsugane.  When Dice-K started being a story in the winter of '06-'07, it was next to impossible to find pictures of him large enough to satisfy the tabloid requirements of With Leather.  So I adopted his countrywoman Yoko in his stead, and she's been accompanying Dice-K stories ever since.  And we all masturbated happily ever after.

UPDATE: It's a final: Red Sox 6, A's 5

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