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Yeah, believe it or not, that’s The Price Is Right host and Cleveland native Drew Carey firing up the home crowd before Game 2 of the Cavs’ series with scrappy Detroit. And I really don’t know what goes into “firing up” a crowd, other than barely-legal girls running around with T-shirt guns. Why don’t you just sit the hell down, jackass, they’re not aiming for you. The worst is when they get down to one T-shirt and whoever’s holding the gun points to one section at a time to see “who wants it more” or whatever the hell. Just shoot the damn thing already.

Anyway, Drew’s hermaphorditic stylings didn’t seem to do the Cavs any favors, as Detroit again refused to go quietly into the offseason, hanging around until It didn’t really seem to help, as the Cavs’ bench nearly blew a 29-point lead against the Pistons. LeBron finished with 29 points of his own after watching his coach, Mike Brown, receive the NBA’s Coach of the Year award. I’d imagine that having the best player in the world probably helped with that. Portland and the Lakers also won their games, presumably thanks to empowering acoustic guitar solos performed for those teams before game time.

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