09.12.07 10 years ago 45 Comments

Count me in with the thousands of fans who are heartened by the surprising (miraculous?) news that Bills tight end/special teamer Kevin Everett is showing voluntary movement in his arms and legs, an indication that he has an excellent chance of walking again.  And all this is just a day after he had his third and fourth vertebrae removed in an operation that left doctors thinking he'd be paralyzed for life — if he survived at all.  It's really an amazing story.

But you know what I'm getting a little tired of?  All these "doctors" getting the credit.  "Well, we've done everything medical science has taught us, but it looks like he's never going to walk again."   The next day: "He's going to walk again!  Hooray brilliant doctors!"

Hooray doctors, my ass.  I'm pretty sure God didn't give doctors the power of miracles.  Only one guy gets miracle power besides Tom Brady, and that's the Son of God.  I better see some message board traffic thanking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Kevin Everett's recovery, or I'm totally blaming Bills fans for next week's rain of flaming stones.

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