10.28.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

We’re still about three months out from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but the athletes, media, hangers-on, and people that don’t realize that the whole thing is on TV are finalizing their travel plans to make the trek to British Columbia. But anyone that booked a room in the building formerly known as the Quality Inn Vancouver Airport Hotel might be in for a rude awakening–that building was stripped of its franchise, and it’s now renegotiating its original reservations with a hefty markup.

The hotel is honouring reservations guaranteed by the booking agents for its former franchise, but not the room rates made prior to the split. Rooms booked months ago for as little as $79 a night for the period of the Olympic Games now cost $350 a night and up.

Wow, $79 for a hotel room at the freaking airport? During the Olympics? Every hotel in America raises its rates to adjust for demand, but I wouldn’t expect a pinko nation like the Grave White North to pick up on such basic economic concepts. When more people want your stuff, make your stuff more expensive. Especially when your stuff is already well below market value. Whatever, Canada. You’re just gonna do your own thing anyway…

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