With Leather’s Watch This: A Brazilian Reporter Drank Lyoto Machida’s Urine

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08.08.13 4 Comments

One of the things that I often forget about when we talk about Lyoto Machida is that he drinks his own urine. The practice of drinking one’s own urine, or urophagia (made me giggle), is not a rarity in mixed martial arts, but because I don’t do it, I’m constantly making faces like this any time someone talks about it:

Cat Eyes

Either way, Machida was speaking to Brazilian reporter Sabrina Sato about how he drinks his own pee – been there, done that – and she decided to take a swig of it herself and he tried hers, because why the hell not? Is this video yet another fake, designed to gain attention for something? Probably. But still.


(H/T to Guysim)

Little League Baseball: Great Lakes Regional Semifinal – 7 PM ET on ESPN 2

I’d love to be the color guy for the broadcast booth during the Little League World Series. I think I’d be awesome at identifying the kids with the hottest moms. Lord knows I’d do a lot better than the losers currently calling those games.

NFL Preseason: Bengals at Falcons – 8 PM ET on ESPN

Or as I like to call this game: “5 minutes of watching the Falcons to determine if Steven Jackson is worthy of an early round pick or not in case I miss my other RBs.” Hey, that reminds me – how about we do a fantasy football preview next week, Kermit?

Kermit and COlbert

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians – 7 PM ET on MLB Network

Maybe the Indians fans will be a little nicer tonight. Or they can play this on the jumbotron.

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