With Leather’s Watch This: See You Next Fall, Nick Collins. See You Next Fall.

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08.14.13 3 Comments

SSN’s Nick Collins was giving everyone the lowdown on the England-Scotland match on top of a ladder outside of Wembley Stadium, and if you have a working brain, you probably know that if I post a video that mentions a guy on a ladder, it’s probably going to end in the best way possible. Of course it does, and Collins went timmmmmmberrrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh, and I hope he’s okay. Because I’d feel like a dick if he was hurt.

NFL Preseason: Jets vs. Lions – 8 PM ET on NFL Network

I have no clue if this is a new game or not. I could look, but why spoil the surprise for all of us?

MLB: Pirates at Cardinals – 8 PM ET on ESPN

Gee, I hope it goes 14 innings again, you two rosters of complete jerks for making me exhausted all day today.

Soccer: Mexico vs. Ivory Coast – 9 PM ET on ESPN 2

A fun idea for the broadcasters for games like this would be to put two people who know absolutely nothing about either country in the booth with no preparation or notes. I bet it would take six minutes tops to get racist.

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