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I don’t know why non-football sporting events are held when there are NFL games to be watched, but Serena Williams won her third U.S. Open yesterday, defeating Jelena Jankovic 6-4, 7-5 after the Serb failed to capitalize on four set points in the second set.  In the process, William reclaimed her world #1 ranking, an honor Jankovic held a month ago.  But it must be some consolation that she won over the New York crowd.

She started off by thanking everyone and her drivers. While accepting the runner-up trophy, she said: “I lost my No. 1 ranking. It’s not fair.”  Then, as Williams was being presented with her $1.5 million check, Jankovic asked, “How much did I get?”

The answer, as she would soon find out, was $750,000. “So now I have a lot of money to spend,” she said, laughing, in her news conference. “Tomorrow is my day to go shopping.”

Ahhh yes.  She won over the Sunday tennis crowd in New York by thanking her driver and talking about shopping with her $750K check.  Then she dismissed other major cities on the Eastern seaboard, saying she would “literally DIE” if she had to settle for what passes as opera in Boston, and is it so much to ask for the man at the deli to speak passable English?


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