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Last week, University of Georgia women's golf coach Todd McCorkle abruptly resigned.  This week, it has come to light that McCorkle didn't always have the best decision-making abilities around a bunch of college women.

McCorkle's decision, which was announced May 7, also followed a May 4 memo in which he was told that he would have to go through extensive anti-harassment training and would be suspended without pay for July. McCorkle instead quit…

Among the incidents [the students] reported was McCorkle sharing a sexually explicit Paris Hilton video from the Internet with the team and a number of reports of McCorkle's sexual comments to players. There was also mention by at least one player of inappropriate physical contact.

"He is randomly rubbing your back or flipping hair, or pat on butt — and otherwise not think anything about it — but with all the other stuff feels wrong," the unnamed player wrote.

Let's ignore for a moment the Georgia public school syntax, and wonder instead, mouths agape, why a grown, married man would ever share the Paris Hilton video with college girls whom he's responsible for leading and training.  I mean, that video's not even sexy.  At least show them one of those Girls Gone Wild videos where the two chicks get it on in the hotel room.  Give them some ideas, you know.

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