WWE Raw Results 9/16/13

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If you’d like to know what happened on tonight’s WWE Raw but don’t want to read star ratings and wordy paragraphs to decipher it, With Leather is here for you. Here’s what happened on the September 16, 2013, episode of WWE Raw:

WWE Raw results:

– The show began with Triple H stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE Championship due to a fast count at Night Of Champions and a clearly made-up “conspiracy theory” involving Scott Armstrong and Bryan. Triple H demanded Bryan give him the championship, but Bryan refused. Randy Orton RKO’d Bryan, and Triple H left with the title belt.

1. Dolph Ziggler defeated United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Ziggler countered a headlock driver into the Zig Zag for the non-title victory.

2. Fandango defeated R-Truth. Fandango pinned Truth after a top rope leg drop.

– Stephanie McMahon gave Dusty Rhodes a proposal: she would give his son his job back, but he’d have to choose WHICH son would get the job, Cody or Dustin. Rhodes refused and told Stephanie to go to Hell, leading her to give him a punishment ultimatum … either he’d be knocked out by the Big Show, or he’d be attacked by The Shield. An emotional Big Show knocked out Dusty to save him from a much worse fate, and Dusty was taken away in an ambulance.

3. Brie Bella, Naomi and Cameron defeated Aksana, Layla and Alicia Fox. Brie Bella picked up the win for her team. AJ Lee and Natalya argued on color commentary.

4. Rob Van Dam defeated Damien Sandow. Van Dam pinned Sandow with a Five-Star Frog Splash.

5. Randy Orton vs. The Miz went to a double countout. Orton attacked Miz before the match and beat him viciously throughout, giving him a DDT on the floor in front of his parents. Orton wrapped a chair around Miz’s head and dropped a knee on it, severely injuring Miz and taking him out on a stretcher.

– Paul Heyman declared that he is the new Best in the World following his pinfall victory over CM Punk at Night Of Champions, and that he owes his life to Ryback. Ryback said that he hates bullies, and would destroy Punk for bullying Heyman. The segment ended with Heyman kissing Ryback on the cheek.

6. The Usos defeated Tons of Funk and The Real Americans. This was an elimination triple threat match for the #1 contendership to the WWE Championships. The Usos won with a top rope splash on Jack Swagger.

7. Daniel Bryan defeated Roman Reigns. Bryan won a long match by disqualification when Randy Orton interfered, breaking up the Yes Lock. All three members of The Shield and Orton ganged up on Bryan until the undercard good guys in the locker room (including Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder and others) ran to the ring to make the save. The show ended with them hoisting Bryan onto their shoulders and chanting “yes” with the Cleveland crowd.

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