Yankee Uses Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ For AB Music, Hits Homer

04.01.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson (not pictured) got an early April Fool’s Day prank yesterday when he went up to bat in the bottom of the fifth. Instead of his customary at-bat music, the PA blasted Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” to which Granderson could only grin and bear it.

Granderson, too, seemed baffled, looking over at his teammates in the dugout and shaking his head with a smile. When he came up again in the fifth, Granderson and thousands in the lower deck had caught on, and the fans were chanting in near-unison, “Friday, Friday, Friday” and “Fun, fun, fun.”

The really scary part, though, is that considering the kind of day Granderson had — a tie-breaking home run and two sensational catches in centerfield (watch the highlights on Yankees.com if you can stomach John Sterling singing “The Grandyman Can”) — he may stick with Rebecca Black’s song all season long.

–Jockbeat/Village Voice.

Oh, whatever, Village Voice. The Rebecca Black hate has been even worse than Rebecca Black. Oh, but Josh, the song is so annoying. Wrong. The song annoys you. So take it upon yourself to LISTEN TO SOMETHING ELSE. I don’t think the song is that bad. The fact that Funny Or Die actually had to alter the song to make fun of it says a lot. It’s still better than Cee-Lo, but then, so is everthing.

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