04.24.07 10 years ago 12 Comments

This image (which may or may not be doctored slightly since The Sports Hernia found it) makes the Rockets' Game 2 win last night over the Jazz even more impressive.  After all, who knew that Yao was even pregnant?  It really must be true that a taller figure can wear a baby bump better.

For those of you with free time, cable TV, and an inclination for hoops: the tsunami of first-round playoff games continues unabated tonight, with Game 2s of Nets-Raps (7:00 EST, NBA TV), Heat-Bulls (8:00 EST, TNT), and Lakers-Suns (10:30 EST, TNT). 

And, if you somehow have an Internet connection but no access to television (is that even possible?), there's a horn o' plenty of NBA goodness to be read and listened to around the bloggerhood.  FreeDarko, of course, has become a daily must-read (on Warriors coach Don Nelson: "He is a huge man dressed in all black wearing no tie. Like Brando, Johnny Cash, and Frank Layden all wrapped into one"); The Basketball Jones is available as streaming media or on iTunes, and even ESPN gets in on some interesting coverage, taking a look at the contentious history between Bulls coach Scott Skiles and Heat center / deputy sheriff Shaquille O'Neal.  And all of this is in addition to the splendid and variegated team blogs, online mags, and general ephemera that is far too detailed for me to sift through.

Or you can huff some paint thinner, jerk off to the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Pageant and the Ujena Bikini Jam (playing back-to-back on MyNetworkTV), and fall asleep on the couch.  It's your life, man.

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