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I don’t always appreciate descriptions like “Robots Playing Soccer” when clearly they’re just executing a penalty kick, one that takes nearly 3-1/2 minutes to set up. Would the penalty, by chance, have been Delay Of Game? Because Robot Soccer will be clamoring for that rule on the books if it isn’t already there. And would robotic soccer players have arms? That would just seem pointless to me, except for shoving robot officials and making gestures in Fortran. Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

Enjoy a retrospective of sport-loving robots after the jump.

Robot does push-ups, terrorizes children

Robots play actual football (pretty cool once you get past the lame-ass opening)

Battlebots – perhaps the first robot sport to rise to prominence. That’s what Sean Salisbury told me, anyway

Robot pole-dances while another robot plays drums

UPDATE: From Ufford: I meant to warn you about robot soccer. I’m 99% sure it’s been on WL before. Aw, crap.

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