You Are NOT The Meat!

12.01.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

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If you haven’t checked out the unofficial “Maury” Tumblr site, you must do so immediately.
Holy Maury Mother Of God.

Four Loko may very well be the Lewis and Clark of alcoholic beverages.

We might have a hard time dying in the near future. All the more reason to kick-start the zombie apocalypse, really. Fresh…respected.
THE Smoking Section.

Here’s a fun look at a Star Trek home computer, which hopefully has a Star Trek dating website bookmarked someplace.
Ego TV Online.

The 100 best spaceships ever seen on film. I like the one that resembled male genetalia.

Heath Ledger’s dead, but he might STILL appear in another film. Why so posthumous? It’s not news…

Italian streetballer dunks over ten people. I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess that this didn’t happen in a regulation game.
The Hoop Doctors.

Class, open your textbooks to page 127; it’s time to learn about ninjas.
THE Smoking Jacket.

Listen to 21 minutes of Daft Punk’s musical score from TRON Legacy. You’ll love it more than running water.
Bro Bible.

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