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Eddie Vedder’s Cover Of ‘Imagine’ Is Now Available On iTunes For A Good Cause


Eddie Vedder's cover of 'Imagine' is on iTunes now, with proceeds going to HEARTBEAT: Amplifying Youth Voices.


Slipknot Has An Upcoming Music Festival Which Will Intentionally Smell Like Burning Camel Poop

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Slipknot's upcoming 'Knotfest' is going to feature an 'official smell' or burning camel feces. \m/

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Justin Bieber Punched A Paparazzi In Paris Is The New Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers

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Justin Bieber is THIS close to completing his punch card of every city to get arrested in.


Prince Held A Facebook Chat Yesterday And Answered Exactly One Question

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Prince's Facebook chat went exactly how you'd expect a Facebook chat with Prince would go.


Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform With Prince At His Purple Estate

By | 7 Comments

Some Kendrick Lamar and Prince is better than no Kendrick Lamar and Prince.


Brie Larson Was A Teen Pop Star Before She Became Your Biggest Crush

By | 12 Comments

Long before she appeared on "Community" or "The League," Brie Larson played mall-pop for teens.


Snoop Dogg Owns Reddit Now, Literally

By | 6 Comments

The rapper just made a huge investment in the social news site.

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Ryan Adams Can Sing The Hell Out Of Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’

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On a recent visit to NPR's World Café, Ryan Adams played a pretty awesome cover of the 1984 Foreigner hit, 'I Want To Know What Love Is.'

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Here’s John Mulaney On The Time Justin Bieber’s Posse Pointed And Laughed At Him Backstage At ‘SNL’

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John Mulaney also has a story about Justin Bieber being the worst at Saturday Night Live.

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Did Justin Bieber’s Manager Buy YouTube Views To Help Make Him Famous?

By | 15 Comments

A Vocativ reporter received a suspicious tip questioning Biebs' video views.


Beyond ‘Purple Rain': 5 Other Prince Albums Everyone Should Own

By | 5 Comments

You already own Prince's "Purple Rain" and "Sign o' the Times." Now what?


Stream The New Weezer Album That’s Being Called Their Best Since ‘Pinkerton’

By | 13 Comments

Is the new Weezer album, "Everything Will Be Alright In the End," their best since "Pinkerton"? Have a listen.


This Girl Raving In Disgusting Water Is EDM In Its Purest Form

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Well, that's one way to keep hydrated at a music festival.

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Enjoy This Hypnotic, Soulful Cover Of Sheryl Crow’s ‘The Difficult Kind’ By NOLA Songbird Maggie Koerner

By | 3 Comments

Sometimes, a cover of a song is better than the original. This may be one of those times.


Listen To Aretha Franklin’s Superb Cover Of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’

By | 6 Comments

If anyone's going to cover "Rolling In the Deep," it should be Aretha Franklin.

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Michael ‘PS’ Hayes Is So Concerned About Kids Praying In School, He Wrote A Song About It

By | 18 Comments

Michael "Pure Sexy" Hayes is thinking about the children in his latest hot single.

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Come For ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Covering George Harrison, Stay For His Dancing


What is life? Life is "Weird Al" covering a George Harrison classic from "All Things Must Pass."

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