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The Internet Reacts To The ‘Law & Order’ GamerGate Episode

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'Law & Order' tackles GamerGate and, well, it goes how you'd expect.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Wants Trolls To Know He’s Going To Kick Them Off ‘Right And Left’


Fed up with the social media service's poor record for handling internet abusers, Dick Costolo told employees it's time to kick some *ss.

Law & Order: SVU

‘Law And Order: SVU’ Is Ripping #GamerGate Straight From The Headlines

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Yes, there will be a GamerGate-themed episode of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.'


There’s A Petition To Stop Adam Baldwin’s Upcoming Convention Appearance Due To GamerGate

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Anti-GamerGate activists have started a petition to remove Baldwin from the Supernova convention, but a counter-petition is catching up.

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Why 2014 In Video Games Was Just The Worst

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Delays, bugs, and declining sales, with a topping of stupidity: Welcome to 2014 in video games.


Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Doesn’t Need Donations From Gamergate’s ‘Vicious A-holes’

By | 13 Comments

Jimmy Wales penned a spectacular slap-down of Gamergate supporters hoping to sway the Wikipedia founder's opinions with bribery.


The Highs And Lows Of Geek Culture 2014

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It was another big year for sci-fi, superheroes, comics and video games. Here's a few of the highs and lows of geeking out in 2014.

colbert report

Stephen Colbert Took On #GamerGate In Glorious Fashion

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Allow Stephen Colbert to sum up, and destroy, GamerGate in ten minutes.


Meme Watch: GamerGate Gets Lampooned With ‘Actually It’s About Ethics In Gaming Journalism’

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For as much of a bummer GamerGate is, something good has come from it: memes.


What Is GamerGate? Here’s An Explainer For All The Confused Non-Nerds Out There.

By | 121 Comments

GamerGate is everywhere these days... but what is it? Here's a brief overview.

Felicia Day

What Happened To Felicia Day Is Everything Awful About #GamerGate

By | 172 Comments

Felicia Day wrote about #GamerGate and how she's scared of being doxxed, is immediately doxxed by some coward.


On Seeing Yourself In GamerGate, And Why That Hurts

By | 106 Comments

GamerGate is not a movement that's a positive for gamers, because sometimes, you really need to hear that things aren't OK.


5 Simple Rules That Can Make Talking About Video Games Online Sane And Civil

By | 17 Comments

It hasn't been a great week for talking about games online, but these five easy rules can make things better.

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Why #GamerGate Is A Lie Gamers Need To Stop Telling Themselves

By | 74 Comments

#GamerGate is a trending hashtag. And it's also an embarrassment to gaming.

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