Video: The Kid Daytona x 106 & Park

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<a href=""> PIC BY <a href="">ERNEST ESTIME</a> When is the last time you saw one of your favorite Internet rappers on 106 & Park.


Freestyle Friday Participant Channels The Spirit Of Nicki Minaj

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<a href=""> Say what you want about Nicki Minaj, but she's already making her presence felt across the globe. You see all her Harajuku Barbies littered across cyberspace and assume she's just an Internet phenomenon. Having gone out a few nights ago & being surrounded by a crowd much younger than anticipated, there were so many Nicki look-a-likes walking around the club you would've thought she'd been running rap for years. Blame it on the lack of visible female emcees or whatever, but she's got a hold on a generation. And that hold goes beyond style. There's a good chance that any young girl with Rap aspirations will look to her when crafting her skills. Shoot, you don't have to search any further than <a href="">106 & Parks'</a> First All Female Freestyle Friday to see the process already in works.

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“Canada Stays Winning…”

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And with <a href="">Justin Bieber's</a> video debut on 106 & Park yesterday, the 15-year-old <a href="">with a following</a> that would make most vets jealous is now one step closer to joining the completely fictional "in-crowd" headlined by <a href="">Justin Timberlake</a> and <a href="">Robin Thicke</a>.

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Video: ItsThe Real: Wack In The Day

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I'm posting this for positve reinforcement.


“Hip-Hop Hooray” – KiD CuDi’s “Day N’ Nite” To Premier On 106 & Park

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<a href="">The Stanky Legg celebration</a> was one thing, but this is actually huge.


“100% Fat-Free…”

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Pics Property Of MTO I know MTO's usual MO.


“Let’s Get These Breath Mints.”

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Words By Contraâ„¢ Just when I began losing hope in BET's ability to entertain, Terrence and Rocsi's prepubescent behavior saved the day.

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