Video: The Kid Daytona x 106 & Park

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PIC BY ERNEST ESTIME When is the last time you saw one of your favorite Internet rappers on 106 & Park.

#Justin Bieber

“Canada Stays Winning…”

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And with Justin Bieber's video debut on 106 & Park yesterday, the 15-year-old with a following that would make most vets jealous is now one step closer to joining the completely fictional "in-crowd" headlined by Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke.

soulja boy

Video: ItsThe Real: Wack In The Day

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I'm posting this for positve reinforcement.


Video: Chris Rock On 106 & Park

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Chris is on a roll this week.


“100% Fat-Free…”

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Pics Property Of MTO I know MTO's usual MO.


“Let’s Get These Breath Mints.”

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Words By Contraâ„¢ Just when I began losing hope in BET's ability to entertain, Terrence and Rocsi's prepubescent behavior saved the day.

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