“There’s Only One Year Left…” – Busta Rhyme’s E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event)

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It's hard to believe today that there was ever a question of whether Busta Rhymes could achieve commercial success without selling out.

Notable Quotables

’98 Notable Quotable – Big Pun From “Terror Squadians”

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"Your style is unoffic' Niggaz like you stay on my wanted list Pun and Prince, we walkin' on kings, like a son of a bitch Fuckin' with this is hazardous to amateur battlers Average niggas get lost in the course of embarrassment Of course you don't have a chance, I'm the boss in your eminence Get tossed in the ambulance with the force of an avalanche I'll torture your fragile ass with rhetorical paragraphs For all of you that'll laugh at a historical aftermath I come equipped, my tongue and lips are like a hundred clips Look behind you, I'll blind you like when the sun eclipse Ain't no second chances, I glance at niggas, make em' wet they pants-es Chances are slim if Twinz done swing the rest of the ransom The best and the champion, that means I'm far beyond Dionne read my palm, told me to get on and put my army on Come along, follow the Don, my motto and song Is for tomorrow, cause today's almost already gone Let's get on, split your belly with the machete long Tear your arms of your shoulders, and tell ya to--- hold on.

Show & A.G.

“Themes, Schemes & Dreams…” – Show & A.G. – Full Scale EP

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This original EP portion has been out of print for a while now.

#Jay Z

“It’s Just Like That ‘Yo…” – Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life”

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But I did 5 mil, I ain't been rhyming like Common since.


Dunn Different.

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If you thought '98 Week was over, think again.


“What U Saw Is What U Got…”

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Not only is this arguably the best video of 1998, it also holds rank of being one of the most stimulating clips that ever graced Hip-Hop.

Trackstar The DJ

The Manifesto…

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"Sometimes I wish I could Stop the world from spinning and step out of it…" -Diaz Brothers feat.

#Jay Z

Live ’98

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This definitely goes without saying but in terms of posse cuts: 1998>2008 You can front all you want but all these "hood anthems" we're being bombarded with nowadays are straight up garbage, and forgettable.


“A Healin’ To Remember…” – Witchdoctor’s A S.W.AT. Healin’ Ritual

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Gotty knew as well as I did… Witchdoctor is the most forgotten member of the Dungeon Family.


Something Different.

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Have you been keeping up this week.

wyclef jean

“Teach These Cats How To Live In The Ghetto…”

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Looking back on my pre-high-school excursion to my friends' rural, middle-Michigan cottage, a weekend theme of "Ghetto Supastar" seems somewhat amiss.

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