‘2 Broke Girls’ Offended Australians With An Aboriginal Australians Joke

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What a surprise, '2 Broke Girls' said something mean and offensive and people are upset about it.


What’s On Tonight: Kim Kardashian + ‘2 Broke Girls’ = One Smashed TV

By | 9 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including, somehow, the season four premiere of "2 Broke Girls" with Kim Kardashian.


What’s On Tonight: 2 Broke Girls And 1 Lindsay Lohan

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including Lindsay Lohan on "2 Broke Girls."

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Appear On An Episode Of ‘2 Broke Girls’, Because No One Ever Learns Lessons

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Lindsay Lohan is also going to be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of 2 Broke Girls. Sigh. Are we really doing this again?


Even Heisenberg Couldn’t Save The People’s Choice Awards Painfully Unfunny Opening Skit

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Walter White appeared in the People's Choice Awards opening skit, for some reason.


Beth Behrs Made Sure Kat Dennings’ Boobs Took Center Stage On ‘Conan’

By | 19 Comments

There is a fair amount of talk about Kat Dennings' boobs in this post, You've been warned.


A Dark Horse Candidate Wins The Race To Be The Second Show Canceled This Fall

By | 36 Comments

Which CBS sitcom won the title of the second cancellation of the fall season?


TV GIFs of the Week

By | 22 Comments

I can never think of anything to write for these GIF intros (other than: here are GIFs from “30 Rock,” “Modern Family,” “Justified,” “Game of Thrones,” etc.


The Co-Creator of 'Two and a Half Men' Has Had It With Vaginas

By | 21 Comments

In what will assuredly come as a shock to all of you, it turns out that Lee Aronsohn, co-creator of "Two and a Half Men," has some less than enlightened views on women, and he expresses those views like a total goon.


Consider Yourself Roasted, '2 Broke Girls'

By | 15 Comments

The lazy jokes and casual racism that fuel "2 Broke Girls" have been discussed ad nauseum.


‘2 Broke Girls’ Co-Creator Michael Patrick King Says Dumb Things, Is a Total Prick

By | 47 Comments

It’s been a rough couple of months for people who like TV shows that aren’t terrible.


What’s On Tonight: 2001, All Over Again

By | 15 Comments

Fear Factor (NBC) – For the most part, I’m all about recycling bits of pop culture that date back to 2001.


Ten of TV’s Most Obnoxious, Overused Tropes

By | 48 Comments

Did people in the 1960s, when TV was a relatively new source of entertainment, predict that at the end of the “Mr.


Thanksgiving Thread: What Terrible Shows Will Your Family Discuss at the Dinner Table?

By | 28 Comments

All things considered, the older members of my family have pretty decent TV-watching habits.


What’s on Tonight: 2 Broke Hoarders

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2 Broke Girls (CBS) -- Kat Dennings tweeted about how excited she was to see tonight's hoarder-themed episode, and I can't help but feel that someone who's as cool and offbeat as Kat Dennings shouldn't be endorsing "2 Broke Girls," even if she IS the star.

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