The Olympic Dames

“The Olympic Dames” – US 400m Hurdles Team

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We've all enjoyed a cornucopia of dames from around the world, but let's focus on some homegrown talent.


“A Bolt Of Lightning” – Usain Bolt Breaks 100m Record

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Written by Chris "Preach" Smith *cues Damian Marley's "Welcome To Jamrock"* As I write this, Usain Bolt of Jamaica is the proud owner of a gold medal in what was supposed to be a monumental showdown in the 100 meter dash.

LeBron James

“The Olympic Dames” – The USA Swim Team

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I've yet to identify who the female is in the forefront of the pic, but as you can see, Bron Bron stroking his flagpost in salutations and she seems to have the attention of the rest of the squad.

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