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Last night, I had to giggle when I read one of Jaycee's tweets that read "now that the World Cup is over, who's gonna keep frontin like they REALLY like soccer.


Zee Germans Are Zee Best, But So Is David Villa


Win or lose, the Germans have made their mark. By steamrolling over England and obliterating Argentina, they haven’t just beaten top sides, but rather demoralized them for years to come, causing both nations to question the overall direction of their footballing associations.


US Vs. Ghana: 5 Things To Watch For


After their dramatic late show against Algeria, the US now has a legit shot at making a run deep into the knockout stages of the World Cup.


Judgment Day For U.S. & Britain


Well, it certainly wasn’t supposed to play out like this in Group C. Slovenia leads, England looks the worst, and the U.S. could actually come out tops. For the boys in red, white, and blue, it’s all very simple: win and they’re in. After needing a miracle to pull out the tie against England, only to have luck (and a ref with an ax to grind) work against them in the match against Slovenia, their destiny, it seems, is finally in their own hands in a more than manageable match against Algeria.


The World Cup Vs. Sobriety


Only a week into the World Cup, I’m pretty certain I’ll soon need a recovery period break. You see, this is my first as a conditionally legal alcoholic. It also marks the first time in my short life that drinking at 7am daily has been considered normal, even admirable behavior (in the sense of physical endurance and accomplishment). It’s been quite the vicious cycle. By the time the day’s second match kicks off at 10am, the taste of $6-a-pack Sapporos (quite the steal in NYC, mind you) and Newports is stained in my teeth. Then, the countdown begins until I can race over to the $1-a-slice pizza spot on St. Mark’s that opens at 11, praying that they got an early start on the pepperoni pies (they hardly ever do). And the cycle-within-a-cycle continues for the third match at 2pm—all the while I try to conduct a normal workday and later strive to chase after the women wearing next-to-nothing at nighttime in NYC. Thank god I’m “working from home” this summer. It goes without saying then that my beloved Three Lions need to win against Algeria. The disturbing lack of dental hygiene, the packing on of the pounds (four already *pats self on back*), the lost iPhone amidst a drunken stupor, and the dwindling bank account this week must have some greater justification. If “my team” continues playing until July 11th and thus the cycle keeps going, too, then so be it. The 20 pounds of pizza fat that will have boosted my cup size and the mounting debt that will have prevented me from paying my cable bill (Mad Men, next month!) will have been worth it and all will be forgiven. Any fan of any squad would agree. Assorted Recap -- France sucks (and props to Mexico). But just like ’06, they can qualify for the knockout stage with a decisive win in their last group game (against South Africa) and with some help in the other match. Then, who knows what French squad will show. -- Greece may have won their first World Cup match ever, but this ain’t Euro ’04.

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And So We Begin On A World Tour…


Now you can begin to get those bets in order.

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