The Finale

The 2012 Finale: 112 Unforgettable Songs We Enjoyed

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Here we are at the last day of a calendar year once again and only a few months removed from the The Intermission and the first 75 songs we loved.


Real Talk: The 12 Best Albums Of 2012

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Despite large sales numbers becoming more and more difficult to secure, the ultimate goal for any artist remains the album.

#video games

The 9 Best Video Games Of 2012

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2012 has been pretty good to us neckbeards now that the year is almost in the books.


Pillow Talk – 12 Most Slept-On Albums Of 2012

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A full calendar year offers more music than we realize.


Six Must-Have Smartphone Apps From 2012

By | 11 Comments

There are a lot of smartphone apps floating around out there, whether you're on Android or iOS.


21 Mixtapes We Enjoyed In 2012

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The sheer volume of mixtapes in Hip-Hop these days is an intimidating quality.


The 10 Movies You Should’ve Seen In 2012

By | 23 Comments

As 2012 comes to a close, many of us are left reflecting on our favorites of the year.


The 12 Best Album Covers Of 2012

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The fact of the matter is books shouldn't be judged by their covers, nor should music releases.

The Intermission

The 2012 Intermission: 75 Great Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far

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The first half of 2012's in the books and rap's had a healthy start.

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