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King Of Diamonds: LeBron James Now Owns A Championship Ring

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"People are writing Miami off, but if they come back and win then win a championship, this will be the game that defines their post-season (and dynasty.

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Nike Basketball Crowns LeBron James With “The Ring Maker” Commercial

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Remember how after a major victory and all the celebratory postgame speeches, players would pop up in a Johnny-on-the-spot TV commercial saying they were going to Disney World next.


Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Five

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With Game 5 of the NBA Finals on a collision course with possible history, several questions stand at code red levels.

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7 Reasons Why It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Hate Every Single Miami Heat Fan

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Last week, the good people at With Leather had a list of reasons it's socially acceptable to hate the Miami Heat.


2012 NBA Finals: Your Game Four Recap

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Last night's game was billed as must-win for OKC as no team has been able to recover from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals in, like, ever.


Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Four

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After Sunday night's loss, can OKC's core three regroup and right the ship.


2012 NBA Finals: Your Game Three Recap

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There are two reasons I've refrained from any real public discussion on the NBA Finals this year.


Open Thread: NBA Finals Game Three

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The Finals are tied 1-1 heading to South Beach and the time has come to pick a bandwagon to ride until the series ends.


5 Great Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Don't look now, but Father's Day is in two days.


2012 NBA Finals: Your 8-Point Game Two Recap

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Game 2 of the NBA Finals started in a similar fashion as Game 1: the Miami Heat opening up a big lead, Oklahoma City battling back and making the fourth quarter must-watch basketball.


2012 NBA Finals: Your Game One Recap

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Game One was the first time the MVP and scoring champ have met in the Finals since 1997 and it was a tale of two halves that predicated the final outcome.


Crunch Time: 10 Points Of Emphasis For The 2012 NBA Finals

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Maybe LeBron James, Kevin Durant and their respective teams meeting in the NBA Finals is something that's been written in the sand for months now.


Last Of A Dying Breed: A Farewell To The Celtics’ Big Three

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We're going to spend the next two weeks talking about the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, as we should.


Watch: All 45 Of King James’ Points In Game 6

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Try to disparage the name of LeBron James* all you want.


Miami Heat Fans Never Stop Believing!

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The Heat haven't shown themselves to be resilient in the face of adversity.


The “Thunder Up Show” Starring Serge Ibaka & Kevin Durant

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Serge Ibaka and Kevin Durant willed the Thunder to a big home victory in Game 4 versus the Spurs.

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