Video: Kevin Love’s “361” Sneakers

If you have been watching any of Team USA throughout the Olympic tournament you may have noticed that Nike's logo is virtually everywhere, from their jerseys to their shoes.


Carmelo Anthony’s Balls May Not Make It Out Of England Alive


Carmelo Anthony has single-handedly destroyed entire nations during the 2012 Summer Olympics, so it should come as no surprise that some countries would love to run up and punch him in the dick.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Megan Rossee


I apologize for not keeping proper tabs on the WAGS of the Olympics, as I’ve been too busy sulking over the fact that my Russian long jumper girlfriend Darya Klishina is not competing in London.

Team USA Basketball

PoV: Team USA Basketball Wins Their Game, Then Takes The Train


Following a victory over Argentina which became testy after Carmelo Anthony got punched in the man-region (and Russie committing a 25-to-life on the rim), Team USA did something different yesterday.


Video: Andre Iguodala With Team USA’s Biggest Olympic Blooper

It might be hard to recall, but before Team USA wiped Argentina off the court in the second half, there was a ballgame going on.

#Chris Paul

Team USA Obliterates Argentina With No Mercy; Paul Millsap Leaving Utah?

Coming off the high from Alex Morgan's "Miracle On Grass," we were more than hyped for the inevitably memorable Team USA/Argentina matchup.


All Russell Westbrook Knows About Argentina Is That Argentina’s In Trouble


Really quick, because they've been pulling Olympics highlights off YouTube faster than you can click play.


This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: Ragu’s Hilarious Olympic Ad


Despite the love affair with hating NBC for its delayed coverage and contempt for its stupid viewers, the 2012 Summer Olympics have had some amazing moments.


The Power Of Volt Explained


For several weeks (months actually), the Air Max 95 has been a topic I wanted to touch on, but failed to find the time to pen the words.


NBC’s Best Olympic Analyst… How About Donna From ‘Parks & Rec’?


NBC has received a metric ton of crap and hell for the network’s 2012 Summer Olympics coverage, and we haven’t really touched on that too much, because it’s like picking on the fat kid in dodgeball (writes the former fat kid in dodgeball).


She’s Ganna Make It, She’s Ganna Make It, She … Didn’t Make it

The best part of this video is that she doesn't even fail the way you're expecting to.


Team USA Escapes Against Lithuania; Paul Pierce Bitter Over Ray Allen’s Exit

When Linas Kleiza lined up a triple and splashed it to put Lithuania up two with under seven minutes to go against Team USA, it must've felt like all of Buckingham Palace was crashing down on their heads.


People Think Team USA Picked On Nigeria


Make no mistake about it, Team USA handled the Nigerian Men’s Basketball team with humiliating authority yesterday, as Carmelo Anthony set a new team record with 37 points, and the entire team set world records with 156 points and 29 3-pointers.


Video: Russia Beats Brazil In Olympics On Crazy Three-Pointer

If you missed out on the Russia and Brazil heart-pounder earlier this afternoon, you missed out on the best basketball game of the Olympics thus far.


Video: Kevin Durant Team USA Exhibition Mixtape

At 6-10 and with a feathery outside shooting touch, Kevin Durant will be an impossible matchup against pretty much everyone who defends him during the 2012 Olympics.


Don’t Ever Grow Up, Internet: The Very Best Olympic Pooping Diver Photoshops


Yesterday, the above picture popped up on this Reddit thread (or possibly here first, according to Internet police) with a series of other divers photoshopped on the toilet, and quite frankly I’ve never been so proud of the Internet.


Jeff Van Gundy: Bulls May Miss The Playoffs; LeBron Gets Rejected

It's hard to be considered an offseason winner when your No.


Watch Out For Chinese Panda Bears And Their Giant Steroid Syringes


We share a lot of NMA World Edition's ridiculously animated, absurdist news recap videos, but their latest (about world record Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen) brings up an interesting question of how Asian and Pacific Island nations view each other, and whether or not cultural or racial prejudices get in the way of objective reporting.


Tweets Come To Life: What If The Best #RejectedOlympicEvents Were Real?


This morning marked the first time in three days that I logged into Twitter and didn’t see #RejectedOlympicEvents trending, and that’s a very good thing.

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