Hear Obama, Romney Speeches In Less Than Six Minutes

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The long political season was grueling and decisive.


Ron Swanson’s All-Time Government Quotes Are Here To Save The Day


Thankfully we can count on the world's greatest fictional libertarian in times like these.


'The Daily Show' And 'The Colbert Report' Will Air Live Episodes On Election Night

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Comedy Central announced today that "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" will be doing live shows at 11:00 and 11:30, which will hopefully bring a little sanity and levity to the proceedings.


Live Discussion: The Third And Final 2012 Presidential Debate

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We're only two weeks away from Election Day, which means we're in crunch time.


Cop: UNDRCRWN’s “Gotta Be Barack” Tee

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UNDRCRWN is getting behind President Obama and his re-election efforts with the release of the "Gotta Be Barack" tee.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asks People On The Street Who Won The Debate A Day Early, Confirms Everything Wrong With American Politics

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If anything I'm impressed this many random people on the street knew the candidates. Pat yourself on the back, America. Except for all the lying, of course.


Barack Obama Is LeBron James & Other Notes On Last Night’s Presidential Debate

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While watching the debate last night, it became pretty apparent that Barack Obama's 2012 debate mimicked LeBron James' last two seasons.


2 Chainz Explains Voting To Ex-Cons

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Rappers give back in their own ways and 2 Chainz knows his constituency of listeners may consist of a few felons.

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With This New Ad, The 2012 Presidential Race Has Gone Full Big Bird

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You just knew that an Obama campaign ad featuring Big Bird was coming. And here it is.

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Big Bird Delivers The Word On “Saturday Night Live”

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Sesame Street and Big Bird usually are topics reserved for preschoolers and their parents.


People Who Threaten To Leave The Country If Their Candidate Doesn’t Win Have No Excuse Now

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Every presidential election season there are hardline ideologues who claim that they'll move to another country if their preferred candidate doesn't win, and every presidential election season there are hardline ideologues who don't keep their promise to move when their preferred candidate doesn't win. No excuses now.


Homer Simpson Votes For Mitt Romney, Regrets It Immediately

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With Wednesday's first face-to-face showdown between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in arms reach, why not take some sound voting advice from one of America's most legendary patriarchs, Homer Simpson.


PoV: Sarah Palin’s Tour Bus Gets Tagged

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The fact the culprit used a poster board instead of spray-paint says a lot.

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