Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo Guy Is Still Totally Cool Will His Romney/Ryan Face Tattoo

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Of all the people who lost big last Tuesday night, the Romney campaign face tattoo guy may have lost the most.


Stephen Colbert Is Taking Romney’s Loss Rather Hard

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Here's Colbert wearing a baseball cap turned backwards and a robe, eating popcorn and guzzling Bud Light Lime, suffering like only a "real American" can.


Thank God That’s Over: The Best GIFs And Images From Election Night

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The funniest, most clever GIFs and pictures that were made on Election Night, when Barack Obama became the 45th President of the United States of America.

obama's victory speech

The Only Thing Missing From Obama’s Victory Speech Was A Mic Drop

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Wow. Just wow. That was...quite a victory speech by Barack Obama. Here it is, in case you missed it.


How ‘The Simpsons’ Taught Us Everything We Need To Know About Politics

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A collection of good advice Fox's "The Simpsons" has given us over the years about politics, including who you shouldn't blame if the bad guy wins.

hurricane sandy

Bruce Springsteen Made New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Cry

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At long last, Bruce Springsteen finally acknowledged Chris Christie, which made the gruff Christie break out into tears. AWWW!

#Jay Z

Jay-Z Sends America Into Election Day With A Special ’99 Problems’ Remix

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"If you having world problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a Mitt ain't one." - Jay-Z, today at one of Obama's final 2012 campaign rallies.

mitt romney

Mitt Romney Will Totally Video You While You’re Sleeping On A Plane With His iPhone

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As we've gotten to know Mitt Romney over the years, I think it's safe to say we've not come to know him as a practical joker. But he's such a prankster!


If You Vote On Election Day, Will Ferrell Will Do ANYTHING For You

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Will Ferrell released a video vouching for Barack Obama on Election Day.

#jimmy kimmel

Chris Rock Has A Special Message For White Voters

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If you're white and in need of a white president, Barack Obama's your guy, according to Chris Rock.


Mitt Romney Has Locked Up The Ever-Important Mr. Burns Vote

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In an online video from "The Simpsons" writers, Mr. Burns tells us why Mitt Romney should be the next President of the United States of America.


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Goes To A Presidential Debate, Hilarity Ensues

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It makes me happy beyond words that Conan sent Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to the last debate to smear poop all over the whole thing.

political bumper stickers

Some Political Bumper Stickers Are Better Than Others

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These are not your grandpappy's political bumper stickers. Rather, they're more like your prankster cousin's political bumper stickers.


Here’s The Other Mitt Romney ‘Slim Shady’ Remix You Probably Knew Was Coming

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Anyone surprised that Mitt Romney inspired another remake of Eminem's "Slim Shady." After all, Romney shape-shifts more than a jellyfish caught in a tsunami.


Donald Trump To Release Old Obama Divorce Papers Tomorrow, Or Something (UPDATED)

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For days now Donald Trump has been braying like a cracked-out donkey that he has some sort of Obama-screwing October surprise that he'd be dropping on us all tomorrow via Twitter and Facebook. The hot rumor: old Obama divorce papers.

the gregory brothers

The Gregory Brothers Went Out With A Bang Songifying The Final Presidential Debate


If you read this site with regularity you know that the Gregory Brothers, famed YouTube autotune video witches, have been making musical recaps of the debates. Here is the final one, and it may be their masterwork.


Conan Has A Message For The People Of Florida

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Because of the ridiculous way the country's founders set up how we elect presidents, this election may come down to how Florida and Ohio, the two most ridiculous states in the union, vote. God help us.

presidential debates

The Best Images And GIFs From The Obama Vs. Romney Debate, Round Three

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All the memes that came out of the third and final debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, including a collection of "horses and bayonets" images.

the gregory brothers

Tuesday’s Presidential Debate Gets The Autotuned Recap It Was Begging For


Just as they did with last week's veep debate, the Gregory Brothers have musically recapped Tuesday night's presidential debate, and of course it's great.

#jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People On The Street Who Won The Debate A Day Early, Confirms Everything Wrong With American Politics

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If anything I'm impressed this many random people on the street knew the candidates. Pat yourself on the back, America. Except for all the lying, of course.

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